How long will it take?

Every project is different, so we don’t have a “standard answer” to this question. Sites which have a relatively small number of pages (5 to 10) can often be done in a week or less. What we can say is that we’ll give you a clear-cut schedule and that some of the timing will depend on how quickly you provide us with information we need to complete the site. If you need things done really fast, we can apply a rush fee and step firmly on the gas.

Do you work with customers outside Northwestern Illinois?

Definitely! We can work with you no matter what your location.

Can I see samples of your work 

Definitely! A selection of our work is on our Portfolio page and other samples are available on request. If you’re located in the Freeport area, you’ve already seen our work in various local publications and on the video billboard located near the intersection of South and West.

Do you host and/or maintain sites?

Yes, we do. We prefer to be a partner in your success. In addition to that, if you want us to make changes to your site it’s easier for both of us if we have the site hosted with us. Faster, too!

I have an existing website, can you edit it?

As long as you have the passwords to access it, we’ll have no problem accessing and changing most websites.

I need a logo, do you do that?

We can handle any graphic design or marketing communications task from designing a logo to building custom mobile apps.

I have a pretty strange project, is it something you can do?

Try us! Between us and our partners, we cover the full spectrum of marketing and it’s difficult to imagine something we wouldn’t be able to tackle.

Do you offer not-for-profit discounts?

We do offer a discount for not-for-profit work and we have a history of partnering with charities to support worthy causes. We’d love to help you do a little more good in the world.

Do you print in house?

No. To save you money, we’ve partnered with Legacy Prints for short runs and Sauk Valley Media for large runs. We’ve negotiated special rates with both companies, so it’s actually less expensive for you to go through us than it would be to deal with them yourself or use another printer.

How many employees do you have?

In order to reduce overhead (and your cost) we rely on our full spectrum partners and on contract employees who can work their special magic on a specific project. So, the answer is, “As many as you need and not one more!”

If I don’t like what you did for me am I stuck with it?

This shouldn’t happen, because we’re very careful about zeroing in on what you want and making revisions until we have it right. But we’re human, so if we do make a mistake we’ll fix it and/or give you at least a partial refund.